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our space in the queen city

Noodz is an Asian Street Food culinary experience that has curated a menu of creative flavors that mixes in the vibrance of Manchester, NH's for dope food and good vibes.

Our roots run deep in the art community, where our own space is a feature destination to truly showcase the he(art)beat of our city. Like art, food connects communities and cultures. What we make shares our spirited, creative takes on traditional asian street food as our art combining bold, bright flavors, with eclectic takes on different scratch, hand-crafted ramens, baos, dumplings, bowls, and more.

Food is a reflection of passion and the freedom to create opens the door to something truly memorable. It’s a magnetic force that brings people to the table. How we cook and eat is an extension of how we nourish, comfort, celebrate, create and love, and invite you to share that with us.

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the dudez of noodz

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nick provencher


Chef Nick Provencher is born and raised in the Granite State. He is the executive chef of Noodz and brings a true creative, craft & grit to his culinary creation. Nothing is off the menu when he's here as he brings a true creative's perspective to crafting unique flavors brought together by contemporary cooking techniques, and love for the craft.

Being free to create, to bring a passion that you can pass on to the community, the community responds and a bond is built. Nick's menu is the handshake to introduce you to what Noodz is about, and invite you to casually fall in love with your new favorite spot in Manchester.  

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